Are you looking for open houses in your area? Do you enjoy visiting them to learn about the rates that homes are going for, or perhaps to explore the floor plans of your neighborhood designs? Whatever the reason, discovering local open houses can be a fun and insightful experience for community members. You can chat with agents who specialize in open house sales, asking questions related to your own property (if you’re planning to sell) or gain an understanding of local market rates in general.

At Infinterest, we take open houses to the next level, by introducing local businesses into the question. Now when you attend an open house that’s sponsored by Infinterest, not only will you get to explore the home, but you’ll get to explore numerous businesses that have staged themselves throughout the open house in KEY locations. For example, you might discover a delicious restaurant offering samples in the kitchen, or a local painting artist that you’ve never heard of, who has ordained the living room with tasteful imagery of the Puget Sound. The possibilities (and discoveries) are endless.

Browsing through open house listings that are partnered with Infinterest is as simple as navigating to our website, which is frequently updated with emerging open houses, and choosing the open house you wish to attend. All of our open houses are in partnership with EXP agents and as such, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of support on-site for the operational success of the open house.

Attending local open houses can be a great way to discover important details about your community. Prices of homes selling near you, local businesses that you’ve never heard of and more, are all part of the Infinterest open house experience. Have a look through our open house listing page today and contact us if you have any questions, at

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