One of the most challenging parts of owning a business, especially a hyperlocal operation that has very few physical locations, is getting customers. Specifically, customers that come from the surrounding area- as these customers are great for establishing long term relationships and minimizing operational costs i.e. minimal shipping. For some businesses, shipping across the country isn’t even an option, so connecting with local customers is a very real (and ongoing) pain point.

In order for a business to connect with its locality, attempts must be made to physically draw the attention of customers in the real world, ie not through digital means. That’s not to say that digital marketing is an effective way to get local customers, but it’s easy to get lost in the noise of digital media. The strength of having a local customer base comes from the ability to physically provide value to the direct customer, in person. That’s why a more direct, in person approach must be taken, if a business wants to see long term results.

Aside from the common methods of posting on community boards and farmers markets, there exists the opportunity of open houses- real estate listings that invite anybody from the community or otherwise, to view the home in person. Traditionally, these open house tours are very formulated and predictable- the potential home buyer or local community member enter the home, briefly chat with the listing agent, and spend a few minutes exploring the vacant (or poorly staged) home. Not only does this pose a boring experience for the potential home buyer, but it fails to take advantage of the opportunity presented from a more upbeat, higher quality staging experience to advertise supplemental businesses.

That’s where a company like Infinterest steps in- we allow local business owners to bring to good and services (agreed upon in advance) to the open house and essentially become a vendor, cleverly ornamenting the vacant home with their products in a way that accentuates the home while clearly promoting and advertising the businesses product. In this way, the business owner is able to make personal connections with the prospective buyers, while also exposing them to their business offerings.

To get started with Infinterest as a business, users need to create an account at and design their profile, which should provide detailed information, imagery, and prices related to your business. The more information your profile contains, the more likely open house listing agents will choose to bring you in. If you have specific questions about how to take advantage of Infinterest, you can contact our teams at

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