A prospective home buying couple; Jack and Jane, are about to enter an open house that they came across advertised on social media. They checked the listing price and some images of the property and deemed it worthwhile for a visit. The price was in their budget, the yard appeared appropriate for their children / dog and it was located in a decent neighborhood.

Little do they know that they’re about to walk into a vibrant ecosystem of craft goods and services, delicately organized to accent the qualities of the home.

Upon entering the home, Jane and Jack are greeted by the listing agent, which is a typical experience for open houses. The agent provides them with the overview of the property, a listing sheet and introduces to them Infinterest, an open house curation service that brings in local businesses to stage the property in fun and unique ways. Unbeknownst to Jane and Jack, this open house experience is going to leave a lasting impression for weeks to come.

Once inside the home, our couple begins to explore the various rooms scattered throughout the main hallway. They first walk into the guest bedroom, which is made obvious by the hand crafted, Oak bookshelves that contain various “welcome to our home” memorabilia (aside from the obvious bed and nightstand). The bookshelves are unlike anything they’ve seen before and they match the room perfectly- color, placement and style. As it turns out, these bookshelves were hand crafted by a local business owner in the area who has built custom home items for the past 35 years, utilizing only materials sourced locally. They know this because as they’re about to leave, an older gentleman; Wayne, greets them- he’s the founder of mentioned local business and the couple have a quaint conversation with the gentleman regarding the bookshelves craftsmanship. Previous to this experience, the couple had no idea of Wayne’s business, nor had any idea that his products were so affordable and high quality. They take his card and move on to the next room. Wayne is left satisfied, knowing his business has earned two more sets of eyes.

Next, Jane and Jack enter the living room, which is beautifully decorated with framed artwork depicting the Puget Sound and other notable, PNW destinations. The colors in the image glow with a beautiful vibrance, which is accented by the large Venetian windows across the room, allowing natural light to dance across the blues and greens of the art. Jack gets an idea to relocate some of their own in-home paintings to rooms with more natural light, as a result. A younger lady; Florence, approaches them and introduces herself as the photographer responsible for the paintings on the walls. She is a college student studying film and photography and prints her work on an unconventional glossy canvas that; in her opinion, allows the photographs to exhibit more color than usual. Jane and Jack agree, and before they know it, Florence mentions that the works are for sale. Humbled by the opportunity to support a college student and starstruck by the quality of the photograph, they purchase the painting gladly. Florence is left fulfilled and invigorated to continue her work, while our home buying couple have acquired themselves a beautiful work of local art

With the sunlight pouring in through the open house windows, Jane and Jack decide to step out onto the back patio to get some fresh air and evaluate the fenced-in backyard that would be potentially used for their children and pets to play. As they step out, the pleasant aroma of burgers and hot dogs fill their noses. On the patio is a man standing in front of a large, stainless steel grill, flipping burgers while the radio beside him plays an assortment of oldies. He sees Jane and Jack approaching and welcomes them over to have a free burger or hot dog. Being that it’s lunch time, our couple gladly obliges and engages in conversation with the grill master. His name is Frederik and he owns a local restaurant specializing in grass fed, non-GMO assorted meats. Business for Frederik has been slow lately and by participating in this open house experience through Infinterest, he hopes to show the local community just how much love and attention he puts into providing high quality foods. Jane and Jack had no idea that a grill burger or hot dog could taste so high quality, yet here they are, enjoying every last bit of Frederiks products. They enjoy a hearty conversation and, before leaving the patio, schedule a reservation for the coming weekend at Fredericks restaurant, where they plan to take their in laws for a birthday celebration

With Infinterest, the possibilities of connecting local businesses with interested home buyers is unparalleled. Every room in an open house (including outside) is a blank canvas through which local business, real estate listing agent and interested home buyer / community member can collaborate on relationships.

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